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Monday, September 19, 2011

O Aspirant Poet

Never cut your poetic milk molar,
Toying, doodling ideas, to pen a piece
Written ere, by past contemporaries,
If your poems, would look similar
To theirs, or far worse, inferior.
Never, desiring to make a difference
Write such piece to make a pence.

An aspiring author and poet,
Must create such a novel piece,
Neither read nor writ afore.
Or perfect what poets of past,
Would have dreamt to realise.
And a matchless way to investigate
If your poem is not an eyesore,
Is to contrast it against
A dead, but accomplished poet.

Popular poets, so Unpoetic
Are Catos* created by a critic,
Constantly seeking out for an artistic
Fairy. A carpe diem* poet, of the occasion,
A rhyme(a)ster belching exaggeration,
Pompously puffed up by pouring praise.
But when these invented fairies
Depart, they fade in extinction
And RIP quietly in misty oblivion

Of the great artists an aspiring poet
Can contest against as pacemakers,
Are the dead; revered most inimitably.
That way, you are like an athlete
Sure-footed, running a race, set
Against the timer. Not simply
The perspiring proverbial champion,
That trounced the limping jokers
And joggers out of a marathon!

If you never run against time,
How would you ever know,
If you’d be aborted, or grow,
To write, an eternal rhyme?
Like master, like gent;
Like—but oh! How different!

*Cato – mythical marking scheme for morality. Perfect in everything!
*Carpe diem – seizing the moment. Here, just for the time.

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