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Friday, April 26, 2013

Mendel’s Method (A scholoimester’s worldview)

Alone and thinking his lonely thoughts.
And he said: ‘Let there be peas!’
And there were peas.
And it was good.

And he put the peas in the garden
Saying unto them: ‘Increase and multiply,
Segregate and assort yourselves independently.’
And they did—filling the earth.
And it was good.

And it came to pass that
When Mendel gathered up his peas,
He divided them into round and wrinkled
And called the round dominant
And the wrinkled recessive
And it was good.

But now Mendel saw that
There were 450 round peas
And 102 wrinkled ones
This was not good
For the Law of Trinity stateth
That there shalt be only
Three round for every wrinkled!

And Mendel thought unto himself
Gott in himmel, an enemy hath done this!
He has sown bad seeds in my garden
Under the cover of the night!’

And Mendel smote the table
In righteous wrath saying:
‘Depart from I, ye accursed evil peas
Into the outer darkness
Where thou shalt be devoured
By bats and rats, pests and mice!’

And lo! and behold, it was done
And there remained 300 round peas
And 100 wrinkled peas. A ratio of
1:3=3:1 or the holy trinity of peas!
And it was good. It was very very good
And he published his creative power
Also known as the genesis of genetics.


*Father Gregory Mendel is to Genetics what Darwin is to Evolution!

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