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Monday, September 19, 2011

Poetic Faith

Perhaps poets patch and bandy
Words in a brow-beaten
Style of theologically penned
Liturgies, for us to entwine
In a quagmire of Grundy*
Quibbling, yet misapprehend
Shreds of truth in-between the line.

Perhaps poets rouse auguries
Of words like a poet aborted
Pounded to pulp by lexicographicide*
Or as a stillbirth crushed, mislaid
In wombs of pregnant allegories
And blind metaphoric passages
From whence voices safely hide
Silenced by shrouding images.

Perhaps poets tether and knot
Words with rhymes caught
Amidst a periphrastic elucidation
And a worn-out poetical fashion
With wits tusked in a still tussle
That struggle intolerably from a wrestle
Against syntax and style snares
To untie redolent literary flairs.

Perhaps a poet apes, shapes, mimics
Mirrors reality, creating a doubt
To Thomas* and his sceptics,
That parables are an all—
Sophisticated scheme, so subtle
Of saying something simple,
Yet words are mirages that blackout,
Envelope and obscure semantics.
On the surface, an intelligible untruth;
Underneath, the unintelligible truth
An etymological eclipse of polemics.

Suppose poets impose
A short-term curfew with
A disbelief that might expose
Pedestrian loyalty—and
In a twinkle of an eye, suspend
Poetic faith…

To master language is a poets’ dream
To use words, to concoct sentences
To search for formulation, revise a theme;
The risk in every creative endeavour
To manipulate rules of language,
To mould primordial muses
Upsets a semantic structure.
In the end words lack precision,
And meanings almost vague,
Or content lost to deconstruction*

Since poets can never outsmart
Words for what they no longer
Have to say, or in a manner
In which they are neither
Disposed nor inclined to assert.


*Mrs.Grundy – a notorious grandma venerated for prudery James’ ‘Speed the Plough’ play.
*Lexicographicide – The scientific formula of killing words, literary. A coinage popularised by Taban Lo Liyong’s ‘Popular East African Orature’.
*Thomas – also Doubting Thomas, a Biblical personification of someone who doubts even in the face of proof.
*Deconstruction – A theory in literature that fifty readers will give the same text more than one interpretation. That work is open to many meaning, theme, etc.

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