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Monday, September 19, 2011


The unpoetical
Sweats ambitiously,  
Mars a brow tirelessly
Than good ol’ Wordsworth*.
The unpoetical
Lives to scribble and squiggle   
To write not a harsh life sentence,
Nor a Petrarchan sonnet
But one as simple
And as single
As a line of a plain sonnet.
Then the unpoetical
Extols this line, supposes
It the greatest in all earth.
But the ‘great’ lyric he composes
Alas! Is as scantily set;
Deficient of all senses   
As Sisyphus’*existence.

The unpoetical
Sells aesthetic skill and all
Artistic talents. Trades the soul
For false fame. For prosaic sake.
For a penname, immortal like Blake*,
Obsessed with fleeting success.
Forgetting the flighty consequences
That leaves life with nothing less
Mocking than bigotries, theories,
And philosophies of failed artistries,
In the footnotes of poetic histories.

The only poets so appealing,
Unaccomplished and unmarketed,
Yet charming and enchanting,
Are verily the poets so inferior.
But popular poets so superior
Dangle high in bubbly air, floated
With whirlwinds. Bloated, so appear
Blown out of proportion. Inflated,
Exaggerated, in what they really are.

A gifted poet?
A truly gifted poet
Sadly is the most unpoetical
Character of all creative creatures.
Or creature with creative characters.
But a no-talent substandard poet,
With third-rate lines so unlyrical
Is feted ‘such a distinguished genius;
Ingenious! Gorgeous! Magnanimous!’
The dimmer their verses gleam,
The more sensational they seem.

Plenty of petty poets
Publish and perform
Voluminous piles of Psalms
Of such mediocre rhymes,
That only puff up these pets
As pretty attractive parrots.
Every pantomime
‘Croak-a-cackle-cook’ is a lyric
Their beaks can never connive.
Sadly, the other can create music
But in tunes they daren’t pulsate
Nor are predisposed to resonate.
Poetic lines one can never live.

©Roundsquare .

*Wordsworth – an aspiring but failed poet in V.S Naipaul’s Miguel Street.
* Sisyphus – in Greek myth, cursed to endlessly push a giant rock up the mountain but would roll back.
* Blake – William Blake, a great English poet, also known for religious sketching (Book of Job) and Dante’s Inferno.

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